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What is the most deadly disease in the world right now?
a) The Flu b) Small Pox c) Coronary Artery Disease d) The Cold
What is epidemiology?
a) The study of how diseases are spread b) The study of how diseases affect the human brain c) The study of nutrition d) The study of medicine
What is one of the most useful things for fighting against disease?
a) Wheel chairs b) Vaccines c) Cat hats d) Not eating candy
Who is the father of antiseptic medicine?
a) Joseph Lister b) Dmitri Mendeleev c) Stephen Hawking d) Mr. D
What is an antimicrobial substance that reduces risk of infection?
a) Antiseptic b) Anesthesia c) Epidemiology d) Robotic surgery
The science of heredity and the study of how traits are passed on to offspring
a) Genetics b) Pathology c) Epidemiology d) Ethology
An agent that causes disease is
a) a microorganism b) a pathogen c) an antiseptic d) a cranberry
Does the 5 second rule work?
a) Yes, germs can't get the food within 5 seconds b) No, germs can move onto the food faster than that c) No, but germs can't stick to food anyways d) Yes, it is always safe to eat food on the floor
What famous disease from the 1300's causes necrosis?
a) The Black Plague b) The Black Death c) The Bubonic Plague d) All of these are correct
What is the name of Ms. Reno's new dog?!
a) Ruspin Ruxin b) Baby Albert c) Fancy-Dog d) Ruffle Snuff
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