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Around 3100BC a leader named ____________ rose to power in Upper Egypt.
a) Pe b) Menes c) Nekhen d)
Farmers raised cattle and ____________.
a) sheep b) horeses c) camels d)
The bodies of water that surround Egypt are the Red Sea and the __________.
a) Atlantic Ocean b) Baltic Sea c) Mediterranean Sea d)
The Egyptians called their country the ___________ because of the color of the silt.
a) Red Land b) Dark Land c) Water Land d)
The ____________ from the Nile made the soil ideal for farming.
a) fish b) silt c) salt d)
Most of Egypt is made up of ________________.
a) mountains b) rain forests c) deserts d)
The Nile formed a _________ as it flowed into the Mediterranean Sea.
a) delta b) mountain c) river d)
Lower Egypt lied in the _____________ portion of Egypt.
a) southern b) northern c) western d)
Ancient Egypt was divided into two regions known as lower Egypt and ____ Egypt.
a) bigger b) southern c) upper d)
The Nile River is _______ miles long.
a) 4,000 b) 100 c) 3,000 d)
The Nile is the ________________ river in the world.
a) shortest b) wildest c) longest d)
Herodotus called Egypt the ______________.
a) desert b) Gift of the Nile c) Delta d)
Menes wanted to __________ Upper and Lower Egypt.
a) seperate b) divide c) unify d)
Historians consider Menes to be Egypt's first ____________.
a) pharaoh b) president c) king d)
______________ became the new capital city of Egypt.
a) Cairo b) Nekhen c) Memphis d)
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