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Why is the assassination of Austrian Archduke?
a) it started WWII b) it started WWI c) it started a civil war d) it ended monarchies in Europe
What treaty forced Germany to accept blame for WWI?
a) Treaty of London b) Treaty of Munich c) Treat of Versailles d) Treaty of Rome
What is the policy of obtaining and occupying colonies to form an empire?
a) Colonization b) Conquering c) Imperialism d) Imposing
The WWI alliance of Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, and Belgium was:
a) The Allies b) The Axis c) The Central Powers d) The Bad Powers
What country once controlled Canada and Louisiana?
a) Italy b) Belgium c) France d) Germany
Which empire once controlled America, India, and Australia?
a) Japanese Empire b) American Empire c) Russian Empire d) British Empire
Spanish explorers conquered what two native empires?
a) Aztecs and Incas b) Nez Perce and Sioux c) Mayans and Inuit d) Mohican and Choctaw
What did the East Indian Company do?
a) Planned vacations to the East b) Fostered trading with the East c) Helped diplomatic relations with the East d) Made new products in the East
Whose voyage proved that the earth really was round?
a) Christopher Columbus b) Prince Henry the Navigator c) Ferdinand Magellan d) Vasco da Gama
Christopher Columbus was a famour explorer for:
a) United Kingdom b) Spain c) Portugal d) France
Which Portuguese navigator sailed around the Cape of Good Hope?
a) Prince Henry the Navigator b) Christopher Columbus c) Vasco da Gama d) Amerigo Vespucci
Which is not a factor that enrouraged world exploration?
a) new equipment b) Renaissance Movement c) search for new friends d) God, Gold, and Glory
What country has the strongest economy in Europe?
a) Portugal b) Italy c) Ukraine d) Germany
What helps raise a country's Gross Domestic Product?
a) high literacy rate b) high prices c) high number of cars d) high population
What are taxes on imported goods?
a) quotas b) tariffs c) embargoes d) interests
Who was the first leader of the Soviet Union?
a) Vladimir Lenin b) Tsar Nicholas II c) Joseph Stalin d) Mikhail Gorbachev
What was the name of Adolf Hitler's political party?
a) Aryan Party b) Nazi Party c) Communist Party d) Dictator Party
During WWII, what were Japan, Ialy, and Germany called?
a) Allied Powers b) Axis Powers c) Central Powers d) Continental Powers
What people were persecuted during the Holocaust?
a) Hindus b) Muslims c) Jews d) Christians
What city was divided by a wall after WWII?
a) Rome b) London c) Paris d) Berlin
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