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The upper repiratory tract includes all of the following except?
a) Lungs b) Nares c) Nostrils d) Trachea
The nassal passages have what projecting from the surfaces of the epithelial cells?
a) Cilia b) Villi c) Flagella d) Micro Villi
The nasopharynx and oropharynx are seperated by the?
a) Trachea b) Hard Palate c) Soft Palate d) Esophagus
´╗┐Another name for voice production is?
a) Phonation b) c) d)
In respiratory system where does external resperation take place?
a) Lungs b) Nares c) Aveoli d) Trachea
Blue blood is rich in oxygen.
a) True b) False c) d)
Blue blood is rich in carbon dioxide.
a) False b) true c) d)
The Pharynx opens ______ to the esophagus but _______ to the larynx.
a) Dorsally, Ventrally b) Ventrally, dorsally c) d)
The Nassal Passages have what type of epitheial cells?
a) Pseudostratified Columar b) Nares c) Nostrils d) Trachea
What is an extension of the nasal cavity?
a) Sinus b) Nares c) Nostrils d) Trachea
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