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Which dynasty started the philosphies, to help bring peace to China?
a) Qin b) Han c) Zhou d) Shang
A character that stands for objects, such as a tree or mountain, is a
a) hieroglyphic b) ideaograph c) pictograph d) sanskrit
The upper class of China was called
a) the wealthy b) the merchants c) the emperor d) the aristocrats
Appointed officials who ran the government were
a) bureaucracy b) Mandate c) Dao d) dynasty
The proper way Chinese kings were to rule was called
a) Mandate b) Dao c) aristocrat d) bureaucracy
A Chinese character that puts 2 characters together to express a thought, like love, is called a
a) hieroglyph b) ideograph c) pictograph d) Sanskrit
A formal order that gives kings the right to rule is
a) Dao b) Mandate c) Bureaucracy d) Dynasty
The philosophy based on harsh laws and punishments was
a) Daoism b) Legalism c) Confucianism d)
The philosophy that believes in having harmony with nature and has the symbol Yin Yang is
a) Confucianism b) Legalism c) Daoism d)
The philosophy that believes in putting others first and having a sense of duty is
a) Confucianism b) Daoism c) Legalism d)
The dynasty that used bronze and oracle bones was
a) Zhou b) Shang c) Han d) Qin
The philosophy that focused on relationships with others and letting anyone work in government is
a) Daoism b) Confucianism c) Legalism d)
The Huang He River, because of its destructive floods, was also called
a) Yellow River b) China's Sorrow c) Land Between the Rivers d) China's Gift
If I am a child in Ancient China who respects my elders, then I
a) do my chores b) join the army to defend China c) practice filial piety d) get a good education at school
Who built the Great Wall?
a) farmers b) merchants c) aristocrats d) soldiers
Which dynasty created the Silk Road and created the civil service exams?
a) Han b) Shang c) Ming d) Song
Emperor Qin Shihaungdi is known for all of these except which one?
a) Trading along the Silk Road b) Favoring Legalism c) Starting the Great Wall d) Terra Cotta soldiers
Which dynasty was known for the Terra Cotta soldiers and was the shortest dynasty?
a) Shang b) Song c) Han d) Qin
The civil service exam was all of the following except which one?
a) taken one time only b) a test taken to work in government c) easy to pass d) favored the aristocratic families
Oracle bones, ancestors, spirirs, and multiple deities all have what in common?
a) geographical features of China b) deal with the Chinese bureaucracy c) relate to Chinese religion d) describe the Chinese social hierarchy
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