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Where was the INCA civilization located?
a) West Africa b) Middle East c) Mexico d) Peru
Where were the AZTEC/MAYA civilizations located?
a) Middle East b) West Africa c) Mexico/Guatemala d) Peru
Where was the OTTOMAN EMPIRE located?
a) West Africa b) Mexico c) Peru d) Middle East
Which answer best describes the Columbian Exchange?
a) The Silk Road trade routes that had been used for many years already b) The Indian Ocean naval trade routes created by the Colonial Powers c) The exchange of goods, animals, people, ideas, culture between Europe/Africa/Americas d) The exchange of goods from Asia to Europe and Africa
What was the name of the trade route most associated with the Slave Trade to the Americas?
a) Middle Passage b) Columbian Exchange c) Triangle Trade d) Silk Road
The Maya/Inca/Aztecs all practiced which type of religion?
a) monotheistic b) polytheistic c) atheists d) agnostic
What caused the Great Dying of the Native Americans?
a) technology b) religion c) germs d) slavery
Why else were the Spanish able to defeat the Aztecs and Incas so easily? (excluding diseases)
a) better weapons, better transportation, and pretending to be something they weren't b) converted them to Catholicism c) larger armies d) cultural diffusion
Vasco De Gama and Columbus helped Europeans do what?
a) reopen the Silk Road b) go around the Ottoman monopoly on trade with Asia c) unite under the Pope d) open Japan to European trade
Who benefited most from the Columbian Exchange?
a) Native Americans b) Africans c) Asians d) Europeans
Why were slaves dying more in South America than North America?
a) climate and treatment b) diseases c) slave revolts d) suicides
The goal of mercantilism is to have the most of which items below?
a) food b) animals c) slaves d) gold and silver
How did Islam, and then the Ottoman Empire treat non-Muslims living in their territory?
a) well, but paid a tax b) poorly and paid a tax c) very good and no taces d) very bad, but no taxes
What kinds of activities were slave labor practices best suited to?
a) factory work b) working in small businesses c) working on large farms or in large mines d) working on small farms
Most slaves from the triangular trade went to which area in the Americas?
a) Cuba b) Brazil c) Mexico d) English Colonies
What is Magellan known for doing?
a) sailing around Africa b) sailing to the Caribbean c) reopening the Silk road d) circumnavigating the globe
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