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What kind of government did Czar Nicholas II have in Russia?
a) Autocracy, Absolute Monarchy b) Oligarchy c) Parliamentary Democracy d) Presidential Democracy
Which side was Russia on during WWI?
a) Central Powers b) Allied Powers c) Axis Powers d) Austin Powers
Who was the leader of Russia before and during WWI?
a) Vladimir Lenin b) Adolf Hitler c) Prince Henry d) Tsar Nicholas II
What are some of the effects of the depression?
a) Farmers lost land b) Banks closed, businesses closed c) People lost jobs d) all of the above
What is the definition of depression?
a) A time where business is bad and people lost their jobs b) A time where business is very good c) A time where farmers are growing lots of crops d) A time of exploration
What started the depression in the United States?
a) Farmers making lots of money b) Businesses making lots of money c) 1929 Stock Market Crash d) Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What was the worldwide depression called in the United States?
a) American Depression b) The Great Depression c) WWI Depression d) WWII Depression
What does inflation mean?
a) condition where prices rises and money loses purchasing power b) when farmers make a lot of money c) when businesses make a lot of money d) When farmers sell a lot of crops
When was the worldwide depression?
a) 1929-1939 b) 1933-1945 c) 1919-1940 d) 1901-1902
What major event happened in 1917 in Russia?
a) WWI b) WWII c) Russian Revolution d) Russia was invaded by Gemany
What did the people of Russia want in 1917?
a) Wanted to invade Germany b) wanted peace with France c) Peace, land , and Bread d) to be ruled by Nicholas II
What happened to Czar Nicholas II and his family
a) They were given lots of gold b) They went to live in Great Britain c) They went to live in Germany d) They were assassinated (killed)
Who were the Bolshevik's?
a) A revolutionary communist group b) Tsar Nicholas II's Family c) German Soldiers d) people who supported Tsar Nicholas II
Who was the new leader of Russia after the killing of Czar Nicholas II?
a) Adolf Hitler b) Woodrow Wilson c) Vladimir Lenin d) Prince Henry
What did Lenin change Russia's name to?
a) Prussia b) Soviet Union c) Communist Union d) Bolshevik
Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks that promised Peace, Land, and Bread to the people?
a) Csar Nicholas II b) Adolf Hitler c) Vladimir Lenin d) Prince Henry
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