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What is another name for the city?
a) Rural b) Country c) Town d) Urban
What is the area away from the city called?
a) Rural b) Country c) Town d) Urban
What is an area with a large population of people in one place called?
a) Dense b) Sparse c) Scarce d) Abundent
What is the area between the Tigris and Euphrates River called?
a) First Land b) Fertile Crescent c) New Crescent d) Fertile Farmland
What is an area of land that receives very little rainfall?
a) Desert b) Rainforest c) Savanna d) Arid
What is to give out or make something available?
a) Distillation b) Distract c) Decontamination d) Distribution
What is the renoval of salt from water?
a) Deforestation b) Desalination c) Distribution d) Decontamination
What is the group of countries that control the oil prices called?
What is fresh water found under the ground called?
a) Ground Water b) Aquifer c) Sea d) River
Something that is in or supplied by our natural environment is called _____.
a) Natural Resources b) Renewable Resources c) Non-renewable Resources d) Capital Resources
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