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a) Correct b) Incorrect c) Incorrect d) Incorrect
a) Correct b) Incorrect c) Incorrect d) Incorrect
If a vocabulary word in a test question has more than one dictionary definition, how can you decide which definition is the correct one?
a) Use the part of speech and the word's context in the sentence to find the definition that fits best. b) You can't, so just guess c) Always go with the first definition d) None of the above
Which key word in a test question is a hint that you will need to make an inference (or fill in the gaps) in order to answer the question?
a) Conclude b) Probably c) Infer d) All of the above
Which part of speech will rarely, if ever, be found as a main entry in a dictionary?
a) Noun b) Verb c) Adjective d) Adverb
a) Correct b) Incorrect c) Incorrect d) Incorrect
When reading a paired passage, which is the best technique for answering questions?
a) Read all passages before answering questions. b) Answer the set of questions that deal with both passages before moving on to the questions over each individual passage. c) Passage 1 - Questions over Passage 1. Passage 2 - Questions over Passage 2. Combined questions over both passages. d) Just guess
When using a dictionary, how are all of the words on the page are organized?
a) Order of importance b) Alphabetically c) By part of speech d) By number of definitions
Which of the following is NOT a possible purpose of an author for writing a text?
a) To Entertain b) To Persuade c) To Explain d) To Complain
a) Correct b) Incorrect c) Incorrect d) Incorrect
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