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is the amount of money you pay before the insurer will pay a claim.
a) Coverage b) deductible c) Insurance d) Policies
Insurance works because lots of people think it is a good idea to insure their assets
a) Risk management b) Deductiable c) peace of mind d) against risk of loss
are carefully worded and highly detailed legal contracts that outline the terms of the insurance coverage
a) Policies b) premiums c) claims d) Coverage
is a strategy for protecting against risk of loss.
a) Risk management b) Life Insurance c) Insurance d) Coverage
helps protect against lawsuits , refers to your legal responsibility for others' safety. If someone gets hurt while on your property or while in your care, you might be liable.
a) Property Insurance b) Liability Insurance c) Health Insurance d) Life Insurance
is the amount of protection the insurer will provide. Different kinds of insurance provide different kinds of coverage.
a) Policies b) Coverage c) claims d) Insurance
insurance policies cover regular trips to the doctor and emergency room visits. Many policies also cover surgical procedures, medications, recovery, home care, and so on.
a) Liability Insurance b) Health Insurance c) Life Insurance d) Property
helps survivors pay expenses after a person has died
a) Life Insurance b) Health Insurance c) Liability Insurance d) Insurance
requests by policyholders for the insurer to pay for a loss
a) premiums b) claims c) Coverage d) Policies
a specified amount of money that the insured/ you must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim.. It's what you pay first
a) premiums b) Coverage c) Deductible d) FDIC
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