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Which of the following is NOT part of the cell theory
a) All cells contain a nucleus which holds the cells genes b) All organisms are made of cells c) All new cells come from pre-existing cells d) The cell is the most basic unit of life
Found in plant cells and stores water or cell fluids.
a) nucleoplasm b) central vacuole c) lysosome d) cytoplasm
This is a dark area of nucleic acids in the nucleus and the ribosomes are made here.
a) chloroplast b) central vacuole c) Nucleolus d) mitochondria
The packaging and processing organelle for proteins.
a) nucleus b) golgi body c) vessicle d) ribosome
What organelle is the site of cellular respiration where ATP energy molecules are made?
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) lysosome d) ribosome
What is the function of the cell wall?
a) protects and supports the cell b) make protein c) break down sugar d) controls the cell
In what type of cell is a chloroplast found?
a) animal b) plant c) bacteria d) all cell types
What is the fluid called that is found between the cell membrane and nuclear envelope?
a) nucleoplasm b) chloroplast c) lysosome d) cytoplasm
What is the function of a cell membrane?
a) controls what passes in/out of the cell b) make protein c) break down sugar d) controls the cell
What makes protein for the cell?
a) mitochondria b) centriole c) ribosome d) vessicles
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