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when something or someone can no longer be seen or found
a) disappearance b) migrate c) theory d) energetic
active and full of life
a) observation b) migrate c) flurry d) energetic
a sudden movement of many things at once
a) theory b) migrate c) flurry d) behaviors
ways that animals and human beings react
a) flurry b) theory c) behaviors d) observation
to move from one place to another
a) energetic b) migrate c) flurry d) theory
to change something completely (usually in a good way)
a) theory b) energetic c) transformed d) behaviors
an idea or opinion that has not been proven to be true
a) migrate b) behaviors c) flurry d) theory
to notice or carefully look at something
a) behaviors b) migrate c) observation d) energetic
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word ENERGETIC?
a) bossy b) intelligent c) sluggish d) unrelenting
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word MIGRATE?
a) arrive b) flow c) outline d) stay
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