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A city-state within Greece. Is known for having a strong army.
a) Cavalry b) Strategy c) Sparta d) Socrates
A unit of soldiers who ride horses.
a) Persian Wars b) Phalanx c) Cavalry d) Sparta
A city-state within Greece. Is known for education and philosophy.
a) Phalanx b) Mount Olympus c) Cavalry d) Athens
An ancient Greek philosopher known as the Father of Logic; student of Plato; teacher of Alexander the Great.
a) Plato b) Aristotle c) Tyrant d) Socrates
A Greek philosopher, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. His most famous work is The Republic.
a) Aristotle b) Socrates c) Philosopher d) Plato
Greek philosopher who practiced doubt and questioning to find the truth. Most of what is known about Socrates is from his conversations with Plato.
a) Socrates b) Athens c) Plato d) Aristotle
The invasion by Persia began a series of wars between Persia and Greece.
a) Cavalry b) Socrates c) Persian Wars d) Athens
A person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics.
a) Philosopher b) Aristotle c) Plato d) Sparta
A government ruled by a few powerful individuals.
a) Strategy b) Phalanx c) Oligarchy d) Democracy
A mountain peak in NE Greece, near the Aegean coast. Believed to be the dwelling place of Greek gods.
a) Philosopher b) Plato c) Mount Olympus d) Athens
Someone who takes power illegally.
a) Persian Wars b) Tyrant c) Socrates d) Philosopher
A political unit made up of a city and its surrounding lands.
a) Democracy b) City-state c) Mount Olympus d) Tyrant
A war between Athens and Sparta that threatened to tear all of Greece apart.
a) City-state b) Tyrant: c) Oligarchy d) Peloponnesian War
The peninsula in Southern Greece where Sparta was located.
a) City-state b) Peloponnesus c) Tyrant d) Democracy
A government in which the citizens take part in the political process by voting for the leaders of the government.
a) Democracy b) Peloponnesian War c) City-state d) Peloponnesus
A plan for fighting a battle or war.
a) Strategy b) Cavalry c) Socrates d) Phalanx
A plan for fighting a battle or war.
a) Mount Olympus b) Philosopher c) Strategy d) Persian Wars
A group of warriors who stood close together in a square.
a) Aristotle b) Phalanx c) Sparta d) Cavalry
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