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The animal which most effected the Native Americans in North America was the-
a) Cow b) Horse c) Sheep d) Pig
What crop was called by Europeans Ready to Eat Bread
a) Corn b) Tomato c) Potato d) Quinine
What crop became an important food course in India, Egypt, Europe, and China?
a) Corn b) Tobacco c) Cotton d) Citrus
Native Americans were devastated and broken when the Europeans brought-
a) Disease b) Oxen c) Rice d) Chickens
Crops like tobacco and sugar cane caused the Europeans to participate in the-
a) Silk Road b) Jesuit System c) Slave Trade d) Command Economy
Slaves were traded for-
a) Guns, Manufactured Goods b) Tobacco, Sugar c) Silk, Indigo d) Ivory, Spices
Most slaves were shipped to-
a) North America b) Carribean c) Europe d) India
The route slave ships sailed to the Americas was called-
a) The Middle Passage b) The Black Highway c) The Saharan Trade d) Black Diaspora
Unlike slaves in the Caribbean slaves in North America could-
a) Escape to freedom b) Rely on being freed once a master died c) Live long enough to have families d) Revolt and kill slavers
The trade cycle between Africa, Europe, and the Americas was called the-
a) Middle Passage b) Triangular Trade c) Colombian Exchange d) World Market Exchange
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