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This philosophy focuses on being disciplined with a high sense of morals and respect.
a) Hinduism b) Taosim c) Buddhism d) Confucianism
Where did these two philosophies (Confucianism/Taoism) originate?
a) Mesopotamia b) Egpyt c) China d) India
Which religion does NOT believe in any gods?
a) Taoism b) Buddhism c) Hinduism d) Judaism
This philosophy focuses on following The Way.
a) Taoism b) Confucianism c) Judaism d) None
Which of the following describes Judaism?
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Philosophy d) None
This religion is considered to be polytheistic.
a) Taosim b) Buddhism c) Hinduism d) Judaism
Which philosophy strives to be one with nature and practices ancestor worship?
a) Taoism b) Confucianism c) Buddhism d) Judaism
Buddhists believed Siddhartha became enlightened. What did he say caused all suffering?
a) desire/wants b) wrong gods c) possessions d) idols
Which of the following describes the Hindu concept of karma?
a) Brahman a universal soul b) cycle of life, death and rebirth c) cause/effect of nature d) person's duty need to fulfull
What is the Jewish holy book?
a) Torah b) Quran c) Bible d) Eight Fold Path
Which word describes religion in ancient Egypt?
a) Monotheistic b) Polytheistic c) Philosophical d) None
Confucius taught that his followers should hope to maintain close bonds with their...?
a) Educators b) Friends c) Family d) Themselves
This religion supports the caste system. It has become the basis of their religion.
a) Judaism b) Hinduism c) Buddhism d) None
Which civilization represents where Judaism originated?
a) Egypt b) Mesopotamia c) India d) China
Which of the following is the oldest religion?
a) Judaism b) Confucianism c) Taoism d) Hinduism
Who is the founder of Judaism?
a) Abraham b) Moses c) Jesus d) David
Which civilization introduced a monotheistic religion?
a) Egypt b) Mesopotamia c) India d) China
Which Hindu term refers to a person's duty and the need to fulfill that duty?
a) Karma b) Dharma c) Reincarnation d) Forgiveness
This Hindu belief demonstrates rebirth.
a) Karma b) Dharma c) Reincarnation d) Forgiveness
Where did Buddhism originate?
a) Egypt b) Mesopotamia c) India d) China
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