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. What type of failure results in the PC failing to boot?
a) Burn-in failure b) Catastrophic failure c) Component failure d) Ethereal failure
The ____ type of motherboard has a large keyboard and a split P8/P9 style of power socket.
a) NLX b) WTX c) AT d) ATX
The main problem with form factors such as LPX and NLX was their ____.
a) big size b) incompatibility c) inflexibility d) low speed
The only dedicated connector on an AT motherboard is the ____ plug.
a) printer b) sound c) keyboard d) monitor
. A(n) __________ slot was designed to take specialized devices (modems, sound cards, and network cards).
a) AMR b) PGA c) LGA d) AGP
The _______ determines the type of processor and RAM required for a motherboard.
a) chipset b) cache c) CPU d) form factor
Which of the following is not a version of the Small Form Factor (SFF)?
a) Mini-ITX b) Nano-ITX c) Pico-ITX d) micro-ATX
AMR was quickly replaced with the more advanced ____.
a) DDR3 b) CNR c) AMD d) ICH
ATX motherboards use a feature called ____ that allows software to turn the power on and off.
a) expended power supply b) hibernate c) soft power d) standby
The LPX and NLX form factors provided an insertion slot for the ____ card.
a) bus b) network c) riser d) installation
Shorter wires can easily handle double or quadruple the ____ speed of the motherboard.
a) connection b) RAM c) clock d) performance
Many motherboards use a simple connector called a ____ to make some physical ports accessible from the front or back of the case.
a) port b) cable c) dongle d) connector
What determines the type of case a motherboard needs and provides a maximum expansion slot limit?
a) Chipset b) Component c) Expansion slot d) Form factor
What provides support to USB and FireWire on computers?
a) The case b) The chipset c) The motherboard d) The power supply
The motherboard mounts to the case via small connectors called ____.
a) fire wires b) LEDs c) nylon bolts d) standouts
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