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Lennie was this when he was smiling and thinking about the farm they would buy. He had no idea Curley was angry.
a) bemused b) aloof c) crestfallen d) writhed
Curley's wife did this when Lennie grabbed her and picked her up. She was wiggling and squirming under his force.
a) scoffed b) writhed c) bemused d) aloof
Curley's wife did this to the weak ones who were left in the barn. She made fun of them for thinking they could ever buy land and leave the ranch.
a) bemused b) aloof c) scoffed d) crestfallen
Candy was this after he let Carlson shoot his dog, and he cried in his bunk.
a) anguished b) bemused c) scoffed d) writhed
Lennie was feeling this after he killed the puppy and the girl; he felt ashamed and worthless.
a) writhed b) aloof c) bemused d) crestfallen
The students wanted to ____ the teacher when she gave them an essay over winter break.
a) aloof b) lynch c) console d) ominously
The mother ___ the crying child by hugging him.
a) bemused b) aloof c) consoled d) anguished
The man was ___ with the beautiful woman. It was easier to keep his distance than to be rejected.
a) consoled b) monotonous c) writhed d) aloof
The mother was ___________ with the child after she told him for the 5th time to clean his room. She had no patience left and was angry.
a) crestfallen b) anguished c) indignant d) lynch
extreme pain or displeasure
a) aloof b) anguished c) writhed d) monotonous
to show displeasure
a) scoff b) lynch c) ominously d) bemused
foreshowing evil
a) anguished b) ominously c) consoled d) writhed
to put to death without legal sanction
a) bemused b) scoff c) lynch d) indignation
to cause to become lost in thought
a) crestfallen b) bemused c) indignation d) ominously
at a distance
a) anguished b) bemused c) consoled d) aloof
anger due to something unjust
a) aloof b) indignation c) crestfallen d) consoled
feeling shame or humiliation
a) consoled b) writhed c) monotonous d) crestfallen
to twist in pain
a) lynch b) writhed c) ominously d) scoff
uniform or unwavering
a) monotonous b) scoff c) ominously d) lynch
the act of comforting someone
a) indignation b) crestfallen c) consoled d) writhed
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