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The opposite of menial would most likely be...
a) boring b) hopeful c) serious d) exciting
It takes ______and determination to get through med school .
a) alleviate b) grit c) esoteric d) diminution
If the date not set in stone, it is ______________
a) conciliatory b) tentative c) salvo d) vicarious
We all ____________for Thanksgiving break.
a) ransack b) yearn c) salvo d) tentative
Her ____________attitude was crucial in building an alliance between the two groups.
a) pessimistic b) conciliatory c) diminution d) ludicrous
Calculus is an esoteric subject because...
a) Everyone understands it b) Most people enjoy it c) It is difficult to teach d) Only a few people understand it
This kind of person has a negative outlook on life.
a) menial b) vicarious c) pessimistic d) esoteric
If an animal or object has the ability to glow, it has the quality of ....
a) menial b) salvo c) phosphorescence d) pessimistic
Something really silly is...
a) conciliatory b) ludicrous c) menial d) salvo
If you want to make the pain more bearable...you __________it.
a) alleviate b) esoteric c) grit d) ransack
If you ransack a house, you _____________it.
a) plunder b) build c) fortify d) burn
If you see a diminution in numbers, you will have a __________
a) growth b) aggravation c) reduction d) stagnation
If you heard this, you might feel scared..
a) salvo b) tentative c) esoteric d) anthology
You can find a good collection of short stories in a(n)_____________.
a) salvo b) anthology c) diminution d) esoteric
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