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with or into a vein
a) intramural b) intravenous c) intermediate d) intervention
to give up power or responsibility formally
a) transfix b) transmission c) abduction d) abdicate
act of transferring or moving something; process of sending a message
a) transmission b) transfix c) perforate d) perpetual
to punch or bore a hole or holes in something; tearing apart
a) perpetual b) perforate c) abdicate d) abduction
involving the members of the same school or institution
a) intermediate b) intervention c) intramural d) intravenous
to pierce, as with a pointed weapon; to fix fast or impale
a) transfix b) transmission c) abdicate d) abduction
being or occurring between; in the middle
a) intramuarl b) intravenous c) intermediate d) intervention
lasting forever or for an indefinite amount of time
a) transfix b) transmission c) perforate d) perpetual
coming together of family or friends; meeting; to interfere with something
a) intervention b) intravenous c) intermediate d) intramural
the act of carrying away by force; kidnapping
a) abdicate b) abduction c) intervention d) intermediate
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