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Whem magma reaches Earth's surface it is called
a) lava b) pyroclast c) caldera d) vent
Which of the following is not a pluton
a) batholith b) gastrolith c) laccolith d) sill
Fast-moving clouds of gas, ash and dust are
a) calderas b) volcanic blocks c) pyroclastic flows d) viscosity
This type of magma is the most explosive
a) Rhyolitic b) Basaltic c) Andesidic d) Mafic
These types of volcanoes are made from basaltic lava
a) cinder-cone b) shield c) composite d) statovolcano
Mt. St. Helen's is an example of this type of volcano
a) shield volcano b) composite volcano c) cindercone d) pahoehoe
This volcano has been labeled a supervolcano in North America
a) Mt. St. Helen's b) Vesuvius c) Hawaii d) Yellowstone
This was the volcano that buried Pompeii
a) Yellowstone b) Mt. St. Helens c) Vesuvius d) Mt. Fuji
The bowl shaped depression that forms around the vent of a volcano
a) magma chamber b) vent c) crater d) sill
The type of pluton that makes a dome mountain is
a) dike b) sill c) batholith d) laccolith
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