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Which type of soil does NOT hold water?
a) Sand b) Clay c) Silt d) Loam
Which property describes how much space is in between particles and how water moves through soil?
a) Texture b) Color c) Pore Space d) Chemistry
Which property describes how a soil feels and depends on the size of the rocks that made it?
a) Texture b) Color c) Pore Space d) Chemistry
Which type of soil holds water for a long time?
a) Clay b) Sand c) Silt d) Gravel
Which type of soil is best for growing crops?
a) Loam b) Silt c) Clay d) Sand
Which type of soil has the smallest particle?
a) Sand b) Silt c) Clay d) Gravel
What does Leaching mean?
a) Where worms spread nutirents b) Where water spreads nutrients to lower horizons c) Black bugs that tunnel through the soil d) Organic material found at the surface
What does the term Humus mean?
a) Dark colored, decayed organic matter found in the top layer of soil b) A dip served at restaurants c) All of the soil horizons together d) Where water spreads nutrients
What is NOT a characteristic of horizon C?
a) Has living organisms b) Large amounts of rock c) No or very few living organisms d) Foundations for buildings are built here
What is NOT a characteristic of horizon B?
a) red or yellow in color b) Has chunks of rock c) Basements are built in this level d) All bedrock
What is NOT a characteristic of horizon A?
a) Has living organisms b) Also called the subsoil level c) Also called topsoil level d) Plant roots are here
What is NOT a characteristic of horizon O?
a) Has NO living organisms b) Has a large amount of organisms c) Nutrients are recycled d) Decayed plants and animals
Which property describes the visual appearance based on what substance is making up the soil?
a) Texture b) Pore Space c) Color d) Chemistry
Which property depends on how well nutrients are dissolved in water?
a) Pore Space b) Texture c) Color d) Chemistry
What is organic matter?
a) Once living things that provide nutrients for the soil b) c) d)
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