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In the autumn, what is trapped inside the leaves?
a) water b) sugar c) chlorophyll d) oxygen
What word means to blend in with the environment?
a) mimicry b) disguise c) camouflage d) hibernation
Which is the hardest wood on the tree?
a) heartwood b) sapwood c) branches d) twigs
What is a protozoan?
a) microscopic organism found in water b) fungus that grows on trees c) mineral that plants use found in the soil d) part of the heartwood of a tree
The light-colored annual rings of a tree are the
a) heartwood b) sapwood c) wedding rings d) rotten wood
What mineral do plants get from the soil?
a) oxygen b) carbon dioxide c) nitrogen d) hydrogen
What are the largest plants in the forest?
a) deer b) flowers c) insects d) trees
Which of the following is a primary consumer?
a) grass b) rabbit c) fox d) eagle
Which of the following is NOT a main part of a tree?
a) root b) trunk c) stem d) crown
Every food chain begins with what?
a) bacteria b) green plants c) mushrooms d) primary consumers
Which of the following are responsible for decay in the forest?
a) flowers b) bushes c) water d) fungi and bacteria
Wide annual rings indicate
a) lots of growth in a tree b) little growth in a tree c) no growth in a tree d) nothing at all!
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