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a partially enclosed body of water formed where a river flows into an ocean
a) aquatic ecosystems b) estuary c) Marine ecosystems d) none of the above
includes any water environment and the community of organisms that live there.
a) Aquatic ecosystems b) primary succession c) wetland d) none of the above
contain water that has very little salt in it. can be found in rivers, lakes, and wetlands
a) estuary b) marine ecosystems c) eutrophication d) freshwater ecosystems
saltwater ecosystems. They cover more than 70% of Earth’s surface.
a) estuary b) climax species c) marine ecosystems d) none of the above
When a community starts to grow in an area that has no soil
a) primary succession b) pioneer species c) climax species d) eutrophication
a well-adapted species that has become dominant within an ecosystem.
a) primary succession b) climax species c) pioneer species d) disturbance
The first organisms to live in an uninhabited area.
a) secondary succession b) primary succession c) pioneer species d) climax species
a series of stages that occur when an ecosystem is damaged but the soil is left intact, allowing for the original community to regrow.
a) climax species b) eutrophication c) disturbance d) secondary succession
the process in which organic matter and nutrients slowly build up in a lake or pond ecosystem
a) eutrophication b) primary succession c) disturbance d) none of the above
an event that changes an ecosystem.
a) succession b) disturbance c) wetland d) none of the above
the slow development or replacement of an ecological community by another ecological community over time.
a) eutrophication b) wetland c) disturbance d) succession
an area of land that is saturated, or soaked, with water for at least part of the year.
a) eutrophication b) wetland c) succession d) none of the above
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