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What is the the name of the organization founded to set oil prices and policies?
a) OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) b) OOEC (Organization of Oil Exporting Countries) c) OPOC (Organization of Petroleum Oil Countries) d) MEPEC (Middle East Petroleum Exporting Countries)
What is to discuss in order to come to an agreement?
a) Interrupt b) Agree c) Negotiate d) Disagree
What is an area of land surrounded by land with no access to water?
a) Landlock b) Island c) Gulf d) Strait
What is an area that is blocked to collect water?
a) Bridge b) Road c) Well d) Dam
What is electricity produced by falling water?
a) Hydroelectricity b) Hydroponics c) Hypothesis d) Hydroplane
What is the presence of unwhanted materials?
a) Contamination b) Pollution c) Irrigation d) Aquifer
What is one of the most important and valuable fossil fuels?
a) Coal b) Diamond c) Trees d) Oil
What is providing water for crops?
a) Irrigation b) Immigration c) Aquifer d) Well
What is the layer of undersground rock where water gets trapped?
a) Well b) Underground Aquifer c) Irrigation d) Pond
What is contamination of water, soil, or air by chemicals or waste materials?
a) Pollution b) Population c) OPEC d) Cosumption
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