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The wedding invitation was written in beautiful _______ .
a) calligraphy b) dictate c) inscription d) prescription
The ____ on the headstone included a few lines from a famous poem.
a) inscription b) calligraphy c) edict d) prescription
Even though I disagreed with his theory, I had no evidence to _______ him
a) contradict b) edict c) dictate d) transcript
In the 1800s, sending a _____ was the fastest way to quickly send a message over a long distance.
a) telegram b) transcript c) dictate d) graphic
It was difficult to hear the _______ details of the accident.
a) graphic b) calligraphy c) contradict d) autobiography
My doctor wrote me a ______ for medicine when I was ill.
a) prescription b) transcipt c) autobiography d) inscription
The author retells every fascinating detail of her childhood in her ________ , which is going on sale next month.
a) autobiography b) inscription c) transcript d) telegram
The king's army enforce his ____ that stated that no one could be out in public after 9:00 p.m.
a) edict b) telegram c) prescription d) transcription
The court recorder typed a ________ of the entire trial.
a) transcript b) dictate c) telegram d) autobiography
The politician would _____ her speech to her assistant, who would then type it out.
a) dictate b) inscription c) prescription d) edict
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