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Aside from hydrogen and oxygen, the most abundant chemical in seawater is
a) chloride b) sodium c) d)
Most marine scientists believe that
a) the oceans are becoming saltier b) that the oceans are becoming no more or less ssalty c) d)
the higher the salinity
a) the higher the density b) the lower the density c) d)
pH changes with depth because
a) amount of carbon diooxides varies with depth b) water pressure prevents ions from forming c) d)
a biogeochmical cycle is
a) the process of inorganic salts entering and leavinng seawater b) the process of elements and compounds moving continuously to and from organisms and the Earth c) d)
_____________ is fundamental to all life
a) carbon b) phosphorous c) d)
Carbon is fundamental to all life because
a) it reacts with hydrogen to form energy b) it provides a versatile foundation for diverse chemicals c) d)
Organisms use nitrogen
a) as an inhaled energy source b) for the formation of organic compounds such as proteins, chlorphyll and nucleic acids c) d)
Phosphorous is essential to life because
a) it combines with nitrogen to form shells b) it is an important component of DNA and nucleic acids c) d)
Silicone is eimportant to some marine life
a) because it aids in digestion b) becaused it used for shells and skeletons in some organisms c) d)
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