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One of the causes of WWII was?
a) the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI b) Germany was blamed for WWI c) the Great Depression d) All of the above
What was Hitler's Final Solution?
a) Attacking Russia b) Invading Poland c) Killing all Jews d) Becoming allies with Japan
How many soldiers of China were killed in WWII?
a) 2 million b) 10 million c) 6 million d) 4.5 million
The Axis countries included
a) France b) Italy c) China d) Great Britain
What was the immediate cause of WWII?
a) the Great Depression b) Germany was building up their military c) Many countries had dictators d) Germany invaded Poland
What was Russia called in WWII?
a) EU b) League of Nations c) USSR d) Finland
Why were there so many women working in factories in the 1940s?
a) They were demanding equal rights b) Over 12 million men were fighting in WWII c) It was the Depression and they needed money d) So they could afford fashionable clothing
One of the names given to women working in factories was
a) Wanda the Welder b) Rosie the Riveter c) Mary the Machinist d) All of the above
How long was the attack on Pearl Harbor?
a) 1 hour b) 2 hours c) 3 hours d) 5 hours
How many tanks were involved in the Battle of Kursk?
a) 4,500 b) 4,000 c) 2,000 d) 1,000
Okinawa was known as one of the ______________ battles
a) longest b) bloodiest c) shortest d) costliest
Who was the leader of Germany in WWII?
a) Franklin D. Roosevelt b) Benito Mussolini c) Joseph Stalin d) Adolf Hitler
Bulgaria and Romania joined the
a) Axis b) Allies c) Neutral countries d) Hanseatic League
How long did it take Germany to take over France?
a) 2 years b) 2 months c) 2 days d) 2 hours
What was the US strategy in the Pacific?
a) Surround Japan b) Invade Japan c) Leap-frogging d) D-Day
The 2 theaters of war in WWII were?
a) America and Japan b) Europe and North Africa c) Europe and the Pacific d) Australia and the USSR
D-Day was
a) the day the US dropped the atomic bomb b) September 1, 1939 c) when MacArthur returned to the Philippines d) the invasion of France by the Allies
The war in the Pacific basically involved
a) tanks and infantry b) airplanes and ships c) tanks and airplanes d) leapfrogging and siege warfare
How long did it take to win control of Guadacanal?
a) 6 months b) 82 days c) 2 months d) 6 years
Who was the leader of the Allied troops in Europe?
a) General MacArthur b) General Patton c) General Eisenhower d) Hirohito
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