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During the ______ stage of the cell cycle, the cell’s nucleus divides into two new nuclei.
a) cytokineses b) interphase c) mitosis d) prophase
The main difference between respiration and fermentation is that fermentation does not use _____.
a) carbon dioxide b) energy c) oxygen d) water
The raw materials of photosynthesis are ______and ______.
a) carbon dioxide and oxygen b) carbon dioxide and water c) oxygen and sugar d) oxygen and water
A(n)_______ is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances.
a) compound b) element c) glucose d) molecule
Carbon dioxide enters leaves through _______.
a) bark b) roots c) stomata d) veins
Each identical rod in a chromosome is called a(n) ________.
a) chromatid b) cholorphyll c) mitochondria d) ribosome
Most of the energy that is released during respiration is produced in the _______.
a) chloroplasts b) lysosomes c) mitochondria d) ribosomes
The pigment in green plants that captures the energy in sunlight is called ______.
a) chlorophyll b) chromatin c) mitochondria d) ribosomes
Most______in cells could not take place without water.
a) active transport b) chemical reations c) osmosis d) passive transport
_____________ is the diffusion of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane.
a) Active transport b) Chemical Reactions c) Osmosis d) Passive Transport
The cell grows to its mature size during _________.
a) interphase b) mitosis c) prophase d) telophase
During DNA replication, adenine pairs only with _______.
a) cytosine b) guanine c) latic acid d) thymine
The final stage of the cell cycle is called _____.
a) cytokinesis b) interphase c) mitosis d) telophase
One product of fermentation in yeast cells is ______.
a) alcohol b) glucose c) lactic acid d) oxygen
DNA replication occurs during ____.
a) cytokinesis b) interphase c) metaphase d) prophase
The first stage of respiration takes place in the ______.
a) chloroplasts b) cytoplasm c) mitochondria d) nucleus
Plants use sunlight to make food in a process called ______.
a) fermentation b) mitosis c) photosynthesis d) respiration
_________ is an inorganic compound?
a) DNA b) Oxygen c) Starch d) Water
______ is the main method by which small molecules move across the cell membrane.
a) Active Transport b) Diffusion c) Engulfing d) Osmosis
Proteins are made up of smaller units called______.
a) amino acids b) enzymes c) nucleic acids d) sugars
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