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Which of the following lists a functionable food chain?
a) grass, algae, rabbit, fox b) rosebush, deer, wolf c) mushroom, hawk, eagle d) oak tree, squirrel, bacteria, elephant
The energy that supports all life in a forest by providing its initial energy source comes from:
a) water from the sky b) heat from the sun c) light from the sun d) nutrients from the soil
Which could correctly complete this food chain: flower, butterfly, _____, eagle
a) lizard b) rose c) mushroom d) eagle
Which of the following would correctly fit with this list of organisms, given how they acquire energy?: kelp, seaweed, algae
a) maggots b) fish c) butterfly d) corn
Which of the following shows a list completely made up of decomposers?
a) mold, mushroom, algae b) tree, flower, bush c) bacteria, mushroom, mold d) alligator, hawk, chipmunk
Algae is a:
a) producer b) consumer c) decomposer d) It can be a producer or decomposer.
All of the arrows in food chains and food webs show:
a) what organisms eat b) how every organism gets its energy c) how water is transferred d) the level of cell complexity
Which of the following is a decomposer?
a) cactus b) soil c) algae d) mold
Mushrooms must have _____ to survive.
a) soil and animal or plant waste b) sunlight c) carbon dioxide d) all of the above
All of the following are true about ecosystems EXCEPT for:
a) producers require sunlight b) consumers eat to acquire energy c) producers make their own food d) decomposers take up nutrients from the soil
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