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The type of light that is reflected off of an object
a) color b) brittleness c) tenacity d) odor
Resistance to being scratched
a) hardness b) luster c) brittleness d) tenacity
a) luster b) buoyancy c) conductivity d) brittleness
The ease with which something breaks
a) brittleness b) luster c) malleability d) ductility
Ability to allow electricity or heat to pass through a substance
a) conductivity b) brittleness c) odor d) ductility
Ability to be drawn into wires
a) ductility b) malleability c) conductivity d) tenacity
Ability to stretch and return to original shape
a) elasticity b) malleability c) ductility d) conductivity
Ability to be pounded into shapes or rolled into sheets
a) malleability b) ductility c) brittleness d) elasticity
Chemical vapor that can be detected by the nose
a) odor b) brittleness c) elasticity d) color
Ability to resist being pulled apart
a) tenacity b) brittleness c) elasticity d) brittleness
Ability to dissolve in another substance
a) solubility b) brittleness c) malleability d) tenacity
Attraction or repelling the north or south pole
a) magnetism b) color c) odor d) conductivity
Ability to float in water
a) buoyancy b) solubility c) tenacity d) brittleness
ratio of an object's mass to its volume
a) density b) brittleness c) solubility d) ductility
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