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Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word DESTINY?
a) accident b) choice c) cooperation d) obsession
to show or display something
a) reveal b) presence c) unsure d) destiny
ask for advice
a) unsure b) consults c) destiny d) presence
to believe or expect that certain things will happen
a) destiny b) consults c) consideration d) expectations
the area around or near a person
a) unsure b) reveal c) presence d) destiny
what happens, especially when it seems to be determined in advance
a) destiny b) presence c) unsure d) reveal
conditions or events that exist with other things and may have an effect on them
a) circumstances b) presence c) destiny d) consults
careful thought
a) destiny b) expectations c) consults d) consideration
not certain about something
a) destiny b) presence c) unsure d) consults
Circumstances are events that exist with other things and that
a) change outcomes greatly. b) have bad consequences. c) may have an effect on them. d) create new opportunities.
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