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To conquer the Aztecs, Cortes
a) used hostages b) formed alliances. c) had superior numbers of soldiers. d) converted them to Christainity
Peru, Ecuador, and Chile were conquered by
a) Columbus b) Pizarro c) Corte's d) Moctezuma
____________________ were at the top of Spanish colonial society
a) creoles b) peninsulares c) mextizos d) mulattoes
Brazil and Spain were able to solve their claims over the new land by___________
a) war. b) Treaty of Paris of 1663 c) Treaty of Paris d) Treaty of Tordesillas 1494
Europe-to-Africa was the _________ leg of the Triangular Trade
a) 1st leg b) 2nd leg c) 3rd leg d) 4th leg
How many Africans died in the the Atlantic Slave Trade?
a) 2,000 b) 20,000 c) 200,000 d) 2, 000,00
The _______________________ was caused by rising inflation
a) price revolution b) profit revolution c) stock revolution d) capitalist revolution
Because of joint-stock companies capitalist were
a) overthrown kings b) keep peace in the world. c) keep wages down d) able to raise large amounts of capital.
____________________ set out guideline for governing the Plymouth Colony
a) Treaty of Paris b) Mayflower Compact c) Treaty of Tordesilles d) Declaration of Independence
___________________________ forbid the use of Native Americans as slaves.
a) Magna Carta b) Mayflower Compact c) Treaty of Paris d) New Laws of the Indies
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