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What is the color of the sky?
a) blue b) green c) black d) cream
What is Sarah's orange sweatshirt say?
a) Dayton, FL b) Destin, FL c) Diablo, FL d) USA
H2O is what?
a) food b) salt c) water d) cat
Suri's dad is who?
a) Tom Cruise b) Arnold Swatenager c) Orlando Bloom d) Nick Jonas
James lived in what fruit?
a) Peach b) Apple c) Blueberry d) Corn
Who is always to blame?
a) Dylan b) Chris c) Brandon d) Wyatt
Diet Coke is made by what company?
a) Coca Cola b) Pepsi c) Walmart d) Blipore
What haunts a house?
a) Mouse b) mousse c) ghosts d) hair dryers
Who eats bananas?
a) deer b) fish c) monkeys d) cats
Who was the best Doctor?
a) David Tennat b) Matt Smith c) Christopher Eccelston d) Peter Capalli
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