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What happens when you use more energy to make a sound?
a) there is more volume b) the frequency is higher c) the pitch is higher d) there is less volume
The ___________is made up of all the colors of the rainbow
a) visible spectrum b) wavelength c) frequency d) ultraviolet
This means -to take in-
a) absorb b) reflect c) transmit d) retract
What is another word for an unpleasant sound?
a) noise b) Mrs. Landreth singing c) frequency d) amplitude
Which of the following materials will sound travel fastest?
a) wood b) air c) water d) Jell-o
How are all sounds alike?
a) they are made by matter vibrating b) all animals hear them c) they are loud d) you can see the energy from the sounds
Which of the following is NOT true about laser light?
a) it is a thin, powerful beam of light b) all waves have the same wavelength c) it can travel long distances d) it spreads out quite a bit
How does a rainbow occur?
a) water droplets break up light into the colors of the visible spectrum b) twice a year c) it has to find a pot of gold to go to d) light reflects off the sun
When does light bend?
a) when it moves from one material to another b) never c) when it is on the ceiling d) always
What are the only kinds of energy waves you can see?
a) light b) sound c) electrical d) mechanical
Light moves
a) in a straight line in waves b) in a curved line in waves c) in a circular motion in waves d) in circles
Which of the following is NOT transluscent?
a) wax paper b) tissue paper c) plastic d) clean water
What is the shape of the lenses in your eyes?
a) convex b) concave c) circular d) blue
A red flower is red because
a) It reflects all other colors and absorbs red b) It reflects red and absorbs all other colors c) because it is a rose d) that is how it was made
What color is sunlight?
a) white b) black c) rainbow d) purple
This makes the electric energy from sound stronger
a) amplifier b) frequency c) opaque d) crest
This type of material does not allow light to pass through it
a) opaque b) translucent c) transparent d) dark
This is the loudness or softness of a sound.
a) volume b) frequency c) amplitude d) laser
A lens that is thicker in the middle than the edges
a) convex b) concave c) converse d) constitution
This is the distance from one point on a wave to the same point on the next wave.
a) wavelength b) amplitude c) frequency d) crest
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