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Which was not an Axis Power durning World War II?
a) Great Britain b) Germany c) Italy d) Japan
Which was not an Allied Power during World War II?
a) Great Britain b) Germany c) France d) Soviet Union
Which was not a dictator during World War II?
a) Adolf Hitler b) Benito Mussolini c) Joseph Stalin d) Winston Churchill
Which event started World War II?
a) Japan attacked Pearl Harbor b) Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated c) Germany invaded Poland d) Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Which event ended World War II?
a) dropping atomic bombs on Japan b) sinking of the Lusitania c) Adolf Hitler committed suicide d) D-Day Invasion
What event caused the Soviet Union to join the Allied Powers?
a) Mussolini invaded Ethiopia b) Hitler attacked the Soviet Union c) Churchill invaded Moscow d) D-Day Invasion
What group of people did Adolf Hiter want to get rid of in Europe?
a) Christians b) Fascists c) Nazis d) Jews
What was the name of the Death Camps for exterminating the Jews?
a) Killing Camps b) Internment Camps c) Concentration Camps d) Ghettoes
What is the planned killing of the Jews by Hitler?
a) World War II b) Genocide c) Atomic War d) Holocaust
Approximately how many Jews were killed during the Holocaust?
a) 6 million b) 11 million c) 2 million d) 60 million
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