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What is the first step on the Cursus Honorum?
a) Be a Consul b) Get elected Aedile c) Become Dictator d) Serve in the army
Identify the optional magistrate in the cursus honorum
a) Quaestor b) Consul c) Praetor d) Aedile
Which magistrate had the most lictors?
a) Master of the Horse b) Dictator c) Consul d) Praetor
Which magistrate was the chief judge?
a) Aedile b) Censor c) Quaestor d) Praetor
Which magistrate was in charge of the treasury?
a) Aedile b) Censor c) Praetor d) Quaestor
Which magistrate had complete control of Rome for 6 months?
a) Dictator b) Praetor c) Censor d) Consul
Which magistrate has a veto?
a) Aedile b) Quaestor c) Tribune of the Plebs d) Praetor
Which magistrate was the sidekick to a dictator?
a) Tribune of the Plebs b) Aedile c) Master of the Horse d) Censor
Which magistrate is the head of the Roman Republic?
a) Consul b) Aedile c) Praetor d) Censor
Which magistrate is at least 43 years old?
a) Praetor b) Quaestor c) Consul d) Aedile
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