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What part of a tank makes it unique- different from other vehicles?
a) Tracks b) Armour c) Artillary d) Computer
What branch of physics studies the movement of projectiles?
a) Nuclear b) Chemistry c) Ballistics d) Geology
Who first invented gunpowder?
a) Romans b) Americans c) Chinese d) Greeks
Which is NOT an ingredient in gunpowder
a) Sulfur b) Saltpeter c) Iron d) Carbon
Doppler radar is used to track the movement of
a) Storms b) Birds c) Buildings d) People
Which invention most revolutionized military weapons
a) Hand Weapons b) War Animals c) Gunpowder d) Submarines
The Doppler effects cause which characteristic of an energy wave to change?
a) Amplitude b) Speed c) Volume d) Frequency
At what depth is a submarine designed to operate?
a) less than 2,000 ft b) equal to 2,000 ft c) greater than 2,000 ft d) 2,000-5,000 ft.
A rifled gun barrel shoots more acurately because it causes the bullet to:
a) spin b) sail smoothly c) go faster d) jump
Which type of lever is best for a catapult?
a) 1st class b) 2nd class c) 3rd class d) 4th class
What vehicle was designed for underwater warfare?
a) Battleship b) Submarine c) Hovercraft d) Tank
What physical property allows submarines to rise and sink in the water?
a) Smoothness b) Bouyancy c) Temperature d) Gravity
What substance is used as ballast on a submarine?
a) Water and Sand b) Air and Sand c) Water and Air d) Bombs
What invention allows for the detection of objects using radio waves?
a) Sonar b) Radar c) Gunpowder d) Tanks
What invention allows for detection of objects using sound waves?
a) Sonar b) Radar c) Gunpowder d) Tanks
Which kind of radar system listens for signals only?
a) Passive b) Active c) Acoustic comunication d) Sonar
Which invention required submarines to be made larger?
a) More Crew members b) Torpedoes c) Nuclear Reactors d) Ballast tanks
Which military invention was first used in World War I?
a) Gunpowder b) Calvary c) Tanks d) Submarines
Which of the following served some of the same military purposes as a tank?
a) Cannon b) Radar c) Submarine d) Elephant
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