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What is Wangari Maathai famous for?
a) Starting the Planting Movement b) Starting the Green Belt Movement c) Starting the Green Tree Movement d) Starting the Green World Movement
Which of the below practices could speed up the process of desertification?
a) overgrazing b) cultivation of marginal land c) deforestation d) All of these
The process in which farmland becomes less productive because the land is degraded is…
a) Desertification b) Dust Bowl c) Lesser nutrientification d) Anti-nutrientification
Each year how many miles of land become degraded?
a) 10,000 square miles b) 20,000 square miles c) 25,000 square miles d) 30,000 square miles
In 1997 several nations met in Kyoto, Japan to discuss…
a) How to reduce greenhouse gases b) How to reduce water vapor c) How to add to the emissions d) All of these
The Kyoto Protocol went into effect in what year?
a) 1997 b) 2000 c) 2003 d) 2005
If Global warming were to melt the ice caps and glaciers there would be…
a) Extreme heat waves b) Droughts c) flooding around the coastal regions d) Loss of crops in certain areas
The Greenhouse Effect is…
a) the rate at which Earth is turning green b) the trapping of the Sun’s heat by gases in the Earth’s atmosphere c) the amount of algae in the oceans d) the effect a greenhouse has on plants
Greenhouse Gases include what two things?
a) Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen b) Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen c) Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor d) None of these
Some people believe that global warming is being caused by the Earth’s…
a) Animals b) Humans c) The Earth’s Water cycle d) The Earth’s natural warming and cooling process
Since the 1800s the earth’s temperature has risen by…
a) 0.9 and 2.3⁰F b) 2.5 and 10.4⁰F c) 0.9 and 1.3⁰F d) 1.9 and 5.6⁰F
An increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere is…
a) Global Warming b) Greenhouse Effect c) Sustainable d) Greenhouse Gas
What is NOT a simple solution listed in the book to combat desertification?
a) Use sprinklers b) Build sand fences c) Use straw mats d) Use solar ovens
Practices that use natural resources in a way to ensure that they exist for future generations is what?
a) Global Warming b) Sustainable c) Greenhouse Effect d) Emission
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