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I want assurances from you that the ________________of my family name will not be stained with unproven lies!
a) hypothesis b) integrity c) jubilation d) reconciliation
My ____________________is this: that the spout is nothing but mist.
a) demagogue b) pretentious c) jubilation d) hypothesis
One is fair-haired, __________________ skinned and blue-eyed; the other is dark, resembling the southern Italians.
a) florid b) hackneyed c) scrutinize d) opulent
You could ___________________ the value of your house considerably by having it repainted.
a) prosperity b) pretentious c) enhance d) superficial
The testimony of his physician and of his confessor ought to be sufficient to __________________the often repeated story of slow poisoning
a) discredit b) exasperation c) jubilation d) mundane
Grouped together, the crowd reminded me of a ___________________of goose eggs standing on end.
a) demagogue b) empathy c) incompatible d) congregation
In order for the team to perform a complex task, all members must ________________with each other.
a) censure b) condescending c) cooperate d) florid
Clara’s lifelong dream is to start a program that grants ____________________to persecuted citizens from other countries.
a) abbreviate b) adversity c) anachronistic d) asylum
Since laptop computers did not exist during the Civil War, the presence of a portable computer in this history film is _______________________.
a) abbreviate b) adversity c) anachronistic d) asylum
1. Because my name is long, I like to __________________ it.
a) abbreviate b) adversity c) anachronistic d) asylum
It was difficult returning to our ______________________life after our weekend excitement.
a) pretentious b) incompatible c) hackneyed d) mundane
She drank the cool fruit punch, grateful as it soothed her _______________throat.
a) parched b) florid c) hackneyed d) querulous
Though the adjacent country is fertile, its _______________________has greatly declined, and the exports of coffee, sugar, cacao and forest products are much less important than formerly.
a) prosperity b) integrity c) reconciliation d) restrained
He heartily approved of the peace conference, which attempted to draw up a plan of ________________between the two sections.
a) opulent b) reconciliation c) hypothesis d) empathy
He screwed up his seeing eye to ___________________the messenger more carefully, as if wishing to read in his face what preoccupied his own mind.
a) enhance b) discredit c) scrutinize d) submissive
The same plants have a _______________root system, and are thus able to utilize immediately the water from rain showers
a) superficial b) restrained c) surreptitious d) querulous
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