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What is the thinnest, outermost layer of the Earth?
a) inner core b) mantle c) outer core d) crust
What is the hot, slow-flowing, solid rock layer located between the crust and core?
a) inner core b) mantle c) crust d) lithosphere
What is the liquid layer that surrounds the inner core?
a) crust b) asthenosphere c) outer core d) mantle
What is the solid, dense center of our planet?
a) inner core b) mantle c) crust d) lithosphere
What layer is made up of the crust and the upper part of the mantle?
a) inner core b) lithosphere c) outer core d) mantle
What is the layer of soft mantle on top of which the tectonic plates move called?
a) crust b) mantle c) inner core d) asthenosphere
What is the capability of something to be molded, shaped, or change form without breaking called?
a) plasticity b) density c) physical properties d) chemical composition
What tells the elements that something contains?
a) physical properties b) density c) plasticity d) chemical composition
What is the measure of how much matter is in a given amount of space and can be calculated by dividing mass by volume?
a) density b) plasticity c) chemical composition d) physical properties
What is the circular motion due to density differences that result from temperature differences called?
a) density b) convection current c) plasticity d) chemical composition
What is an observable characteristics of something called?
a) physical properties b) chemical composition c) convection current d) density
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