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Which two continents did the Silk Road connect?
a) Asia and Europe b) Africa and Australia c) North America and South America d) Africa and South America
What was islam's stance (view) on trade for Muslims?
a) It forbade trade b) It allowed trade but did not allow gold to be used c) It encouraged trade; Muhammad himself was a merchant d) Trade could only be conducted in the Latin language
What was the main good China traded on the Silk Road?
a) Salt b) Slaves c) Silk d) Gold
What were the main goods of the Trans-Saharan trade route?
a) Gold and Salt b) Silk and Porcelain c) Jade and Ivory d) Slaves and Guns
Who traveled 75,000 along the Islamic world and wrote about their life and adventures?
a) Ibn Sina-Fatima b) Marco Polo c) Ibn Battuta d) Genghis Khan
This person was a merchant from Venice who wrote about his travels in China and his work for the Emperor.
a) Marco Polo b) Genghis Khan c) Kublai Khan d) Ibn Battuta
Which religion had the most influence over the Indian Ocean and Trans-Saharan trade routes?
a) Buddhism b) Islam c) Christianity d) Daoism
This Jewish community had the most influence in trade between Europe and Asia for 200 years.
a) Poland b) Bolivia c) Latvia d) Babylon
In West Africa merchants and leaders converted to
a) Islam b) Daosim c) Christianity d) Sikhism
Along with goods the Silk Road is also known for spreading-
a) Seashells b) bubonic plague c) Rhino Horn d) Kidney beans
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