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Which layer of the Earth is made of liquid iron and nickel?
a) outer core b) mantle c) inner core d) crust
Which layer of the Earth are tectonic plates a part of?
a) mantle b) crust c) inner core d) outer core
What are openings in the Earth that let out gases and other materials?
a) transform zones b) ridges c) vents d) faults
What type of organisms survive in harsh environments?
a) all bacteria b) extremeophiles c) bacteriophiles d) harshophiles
What is the water layer of the Earth called?
a) biosphere b) hydrosphere c) lithosphere d)
What is the study of plates and how they move?
a) continental pangea b) pangea c) plate tectonics d) lithosphere
What layer of the atmosphere protects Earth from harmful solar radiation?
a) inner core b) ozone layer c) troposphere d) thermosphere
What layer of the atmosphere does weather occur in?
a) mesosphere b) thermosphere c) troposphere d)
What percent of the Earth's surface is covered in water?
a) 40 percent b) 50 percent c) 85 percent d) 70 percent
What tectonic plate is the United States located on?
a) North American plate b) South American Plate c) Pacific plate d) Atlantic plate
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