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What do all living things have in common?
a) We all use the same source of energy b) We all have DNA with the same 4 nucleotides c) Everybody poops d) We all have chloroplasts
Base in RNA, but not DNA?
a) Uracil b) Thymine c) Guanine d) Cytosine
What do viruses and living things have in common?
a) They are both alive b) They are both eukaryotes c) They both contain nucleic acid d) They both have envelopes
What does a virus need to reproduce
a) Sperm b) A host cell c) To complete interphase d) A cell membrane
The lytic cycle of viral reproduction is...
a) SLow, you'll feel sick in a few weeks b) Always deadly c) Fast, you'll feel sick very soon d) Only dangerous for old people
a) makes you more likely to get a secondary infection b) makes mutations more likely c) is the reverse process of transcription d) is a type of bacteria
Which part of DNA codes for amino acids
a) Hydrogen bonds b) Nitrogen bases c) Deoxyribose d) Phosphate
Which process makes a duplicate copy of DNA?
a) Transcription b) Translation c) Mutation d) Replication
Which base pairs with Guanine?
a) Cytosine b) Adenine c) Thymine d) Uracil
Which base pairs with thymine?
a) Adenine b) Guanine c) Cytosine d) Uracil
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