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A __________________ is a group of organisms that are able to reproduce together and that resemble each other in appearance, behavior, and internal structure.
a) Species b) Evolution c) Ecosystem d) Niche
___________________ is the relationship between a parasite and its host.
a) Mutualism b) Commensalism c) Competition d) Parasitism
A group of individuals of the same species living in a particular place is called a __________.
a) Population b) Niche c) Ecosystem d) Community
An _______________ consists of all living organisms in a certain area as well as their physical environment.
a) Ecosystem b) Habitat c) Population d) Community
An organism's _____________________ is where the animal lives.
a) Habitat b) Community c) Population d) Niche
An organism's ___________________ is its way of life.
a) Habitat b) Ecosystem c) Community d) Niche
A _________________ is a group of interacting populations of different species.
a) Community b) Ecosystem c) Species d) Population
A change in the genetic characteristics of a population from one generation to the next is called__________.
a) Evolution b) Species c) Biotic Factors d) Abiotic Factors
____________________ are the living parts of an ecosystem.
a) Biotic Factors b) Species c) Evolution d) Abiotic Factors
_____________________ are the nonliving parts of an ecosystem.
a) Abiotic Factors b) Biotic Factors c) Evolution d) Community
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