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If you are this word, you are probably getting in trouble for fighting frequently!
a) overwhelm b) hazy c) lingering d) aggressive
The __________ of our Language Arts class is either 45 or 90 minutes depending on the day.
a) glamour b) hazy c) span d) mishap
You must carefully choose the people with whom you ___________, since they will affect who you become.
a) associate b) mishap c) overwhelm d) emigrate
Too much homework in one night can ____________ you; this is why it's important to do your work ahead of time.
a) luxurious b) linger c) overwhelm d) glamour
Most kids find it very difficult to ____________ their moms or dads; somehow, they always know when you're lying.
a) deceive b) span c) overwhelm d) flexible
Misfortune, blunder, mistake, or accident are all synonyms for ____________.
a) luxurious b) span c) mishap d) deceive
On a cold, rainy day, I just want to crawl into the ____________ covers of my bed.
a) glamour b) luxurious c) overwhelm d) emigrate
Many people will ____________ from their country if they want to start a new life somewhere else.
a) deceive b) flexible c) emigrate d) overwhelm
To be a good gymnast, you have to be very ____________ and bend your body in the right positions.
a) flexible b) glamourous c) hazy d) luxurious
Falling off your bike is just a small ____________; don't let it discourage you from riding!
a) emigration b) deceit c) mishap d) span
The ____________ of Hollywood tricks many people into thinking it's easy to get a job as a movie star.
a) mishap b) overwhelming c) glamour d) hazy
If you ____________ too long in one class after the bell rings, you'll be late for your next class.
a) associate b) overwhelm c) linger d) span
I introduced my ____________ to my boss, hoping he would hire her.
a) mishap b) luxury c) associate d) flexible
The test's directions were so ____________ that I could not understand them.
a) luxurious b) overwhelming c) hazy d) glamourous
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