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Cities captured by the British
a) Savannah and Augusta b) Atlanta and Macon c) Milledgeville and Waynesboro d) Statesboro and Brooklet
Colonists who were Loyal to the King of England
a) Patriots b) Loyalists c) Whigs d) Federalists
Declaration signer who was later killed in a duel
a) John Hancock b) Lyman Hall c) Button Gwinett d) George Walton
Slave who fought for the Whigs at Kettle Creek
a) Elijah Clark b) Austin Dabney c) Nancy Hart d) Lyman Hall
Frontier area of Georgia where Whigs mostly lived
a) Lowcountry b) Midcountry c) Backcountry d) Sidecountry
Youngest member of the 2nd Continental Congress
a) George Walton b) Lyman Hall c) Button Gwinett d) Benjamin Franklin
The 6 ft. tall, red headed “Wauhatchie War Woman”
a) Austin Dabney b) Nancy Hart c) Elijah Clark d) Betsy Ross
Whig Commander and hero of Kettle Creek
a) Elijah Clark b) Nancy Hart c) Austin Dabney d) George Washington
2nd bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary War
a) Battle of Kettle Creek b) Battle of Trenton c) Siege of Savannah d) Battle of Bunker Hill
Governor that restored relationships with Loyalists and Native Americans
a) Button Gwinett b) Lyman Hall c) George Walton d) Archibald Bulloch
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