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Which system gets rid of the body's waste through sweating and peeing?
a) excretory / urinary b) circulatory / cardiovascular c) integumentary d) respiratory
Which system has the job of breaking down food and converting it into energy and basic nutrients to feed the entire body?
a) reproductive b) respiratory c) integumentary d) digestive
Which system has the job of inhaling oxygen the body cells need and exhaling carbon dioxide your body doesn’t need (breathing)?
a) circulatory b) digestive c) respiratory d) nervous
Which system carries oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells through your blood?
a) circulatory b) respiratory c) immune d) muscular
Which human body system contains the brain and spinal cord, controls thought and movement, and helps to regulate other body systems?
a) skeletal b) nervous c) circulatory d) respiratory
What organ system supports the body, protects the organs, and provides structure for movement?
a) skeletal b) circulatory c) excretory d) reproductive
What organ system sends signals from the brain to the muscles?
a) circulatory b) digestive c) nervous d) immune
Which system helps in moving the bones of the skeleton, helping the stomach digest food, and helping the lungs take in air?
a) the muscular system b) the immune system c) the integumentary system d) the reproductive system
Which system controls your body's response to the environment?
a) urinary b) digestive c) excretory d) nervous
One of the functions of the circulatory system is to
a) send signals throughout the body. b) carry oxygen and nutrients to body cells. c) protect the body from microorganisms. d) provide strength and support to the body.
Which organ system is most responsible for helping a swimmer push her body through water?
a) circulatory b) excretory c) muscular d) integumentary
Which is a major function of the human reproductive system?
a) protecting internal organs b) producing gametes ( the cells that fuse together during sexual reproduction to form a new organism). c) breaking down food d) eliminating wastes
Which two body systems work together when the diaphragm contracts and relaxes causing air to move in and out of the lungs?
a) muscular and respiratory b) circulatory and digestive c) nervous and immune d) excretory and skeletal
Which systems work most closely together to carry oxygen to cells and to remove carbon dioxide waste?
a) digestive and excretory b) skeletal and muscular c) circulatory and respiratory d) nervous and reproductive
What is another name for the excretory system?
a) the digestive system b) the cardiovascular system c) the urinary system d) the immune system
What is another name for the circulatory system?
a) the urinary system b) the respiratory system c) the immune system d) the cardiovascular system
Which system protects the body from the outside environment?
a) integumentary b) circulatory c) muscular d) digestive
Which system protects against disease?
a) digestive b) respiratory c) immune d) reproductive
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