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show approval
a) applaud b) disclose c) exclaim d) jeer
skilled at tricking people
a) crafty b) vain c) scoundrel d) uneasy
to make known
a) disclose b) intend c) progress d) refine
dull and uninteresting
a) drab b) uneasy c) refine d) vain
complete; whole
a) entire b) disclose c) progress d) exquisite
speak suddenly with strong feeling
a) exclaim b) exquisite c) jeer d) applaud
made well; beautiful
a) exquisite b) vain c) refine d) crafty
to plan; to have in mind
a) intend b) jeer c) disclose d) vain
a purpose or plan
a) intention b) exclamation c) entire d) peer
to mock; an insult
a) jeer b) peer c) exclaim d) disclose
to stare; look closely
a) peer b) refine c) intend d) jeer
improvement; moving forward or toward a goal
a) progress b) refine c) jeer d) exclaim
to make pure; having good manners
a) refine b) crafty c) drab d) exquisite
mean person
a) scoundrel b) vain c) jeer d) crafty
not comfortable; worried
a) uneasy b) disclose c) drab d) vain
without success; high opinion of yourself
a) vain b) refine c) exquisite d) applaud
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