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An order of the court that requires a witness to appear at a particular time and place to testify
a) Subpoena b) Subpoena dues tecum c) Statutory Law d) Record Retention
requires documents (e.g. patient records) to be produced
a) Subpoena dues tecum b) Subpoena c) Statutory Law d) Record Retention
storage of documents for an established period of time mandated by federal and/or state law
a) Record Retention b) Statutory Law c) Subpoena d) Subpoena dues tecum
Also called statutes laws passed by legislative bodies(e.g. federal, Congress, and state legislature
a) Statutory Law b) Record Retention c) Subpoena d) Subpoena dues tecum
Latin means: ”Who as well for the king as for himself sues I this matter” this allows a private citizen to file a lawsuit against U.S government
a) Qui tam b) Protected Health Information (PHI) c) Record Retention d) Statutory Law
HIPAA provision that creates national standards to protect an individual’s personal health information and medical records
a) Privacy Rule b) Privileged Communication c) Privacy Act of 1974 d) Qui tam
private information shared between a patient and a health care provider
a) Privileged Communication b) Privacy Rule c) Privacy Act of 1974 d) Qui tam
Information that identifies an individual such as name address, telephone number, date of birth(DOB), Medicaid ID # , medical records # Social security #(SSN and name of employer
a) Protected Health Information (PHI) b) Privileged Communication c) Privacy Rule d) Qui tam
File that contains documents of patients med HX, record of care, progress notes, correspondence and billing information
a) Medical Records b) Deposition c) Confidentiality d) Breach of Confidentiali
Unique identifier assigned to health care providers
a) National Provider Identifier (NPI) b) Precedent c) Privacy Rule d) Protected Health Information (PHI)
a) Precedent b) Privacy Rule c) Qui tam d) Medical Records
Forbids the Medicare carrier (insurance Carrier)from disclosing information other than: Date claim was received by carrier(insurance Company), date claim was paid, denied, or suspended
a) Privacy Act of 1974 b) Privacy Rule c) Precedent d) Privileged Communication
legal proceedings which a party answers questions under oath but not in open court
a) Deposition b) Confidentiality c) Criminal Law d) Medical Records
ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access
a) Confidentiality b) Deposition c) Criminal Law d) Breach of Confidentiality
areas of law not classified as criminal
a) Civil Law b) Criminal Law c) Confidentiality d) Deposition
public law governed by statute or ordinance that deals with Crime and its prosecution
a) Criminal Law b) Civil Law c) Breach of Confidentiality d) Confidentiality
Unauthorized release of patient information to a third party
a) Breach of Confidentiality b) Civil Law c) Criminal Law d) Confidentiality
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