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States that are part of the same region often have similar landforms and
a) resources b) tributary c) hemispheres d) droughts
The imaginary lines around the middle of the Earth that divides it into the Northern and Southern Hemisphere is called the isphere is called the
a) product b) elevation c) equator d) growing season
This occurs when wind or water slowly wears away rocks, moves soil, and changes landforms.
a) quarry b) erosion c) tributary d) wetland
A river or stream that flows into a larger river.
a) tributary b) coastal plain c) pocosin d) hemisphere
North Carolina's climate is considered to be moderate another word for moderate is:
a) region b) resource c) climate d) temperate
In which region of the United States is North Carolina located?
a) the West b) the South c) the Northeast d) the Middle West
The southern border of the United States is shared with-
a) the Caribbean Sea b) Canada c) Mexico d) Central America
How much of North Carolina's land area does the Coastal Plain cover?
a) one-tenth b) almost all c) one-third d) almost one-half
North Carolina's barrier islands are located-
a) off North Carolina's coast b) in the Great Dismal Swamp c) in the Piedmont Region d) in the Blue Ridge Mountains
What kind of landform is in the Piedmont region?
a) The Piedmont region is mountainous b) The Piedmont region is a plateau c) The Piedmont region is wetlands d) The Piedmont region is a barrier island
A floodplain is
a) land used to catch rain overflow b) land used to catch highway runoff c) low, flat land along a river d) land used to bring water to the wetlands
Several North Carolina rivers flow into the Atlantic Ocean. They include the Cape Fear, the Neuse, and
a) the Hiwassee b) the Pamlico c) the Watauga d) the Mississippi
What source of power did the Duke brothers use for their textile business?
a) North Carolina's strong coastal winds b) coal from North Carolina's coal fields c) rushing water of North Carolina's rivers d) wood from North Carolina's forests
What does North Carolina produce more than any other state in the United States?
a) wool b) wheat c) dairy products d) sweet potatoes
North Carolina's growing season is
a) longer in the eastern part of the state b) shorter in the northern part of the state c) longer in the western part of the state d) the same length in all parts of the state
Many North Carolina rivers end their journey by emptying into a
a) natural resource b) sound c) hurricane d) quarry
Farmers can raise crops during the
a) tornado b) fall line c) erosion d) growing season
The place where rivers drop from higher to lower ground
a) fall line b) sound c) river system d) hydroelectricity
Gold is one of these that is found in North Carolina
a) hemisphere b) natural resource c) equator d) broadleaf
Wind speed, precipitation, and temperature are parts of the
a) elevation b) climate zone c) growing season d) weather
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